Mary Covillaud Elementary School is located in the heart of downtown Marysville.  Mary Covillaud School is the site of the first elementary school in the Marysville area.  Originally, the school's name was the Marysville Grammar School, but the name changed in the 1950's when another elementary school was built in Marysville.  Boundary lines were soon drawn, and Mary Covillaud Elementary became the home school of children of West Marysville and District 10.
The school acquired its name from a teenager, named Mary Murphy, who survived the DonnerParty disaster of 1847 and settled at Sutter's Fort.  Mary met and married a gentleman by the nameof Charles Covillaud and then moved to his ranch located in the Marysville area.  Mary
was considered to be the first white woman to set foot on the soil where Marysville now stands. At a public meeting, Charles Covillaud had the town named Marysville, in honor of his bride.  Mary was a kind and generous intellect and possessed a kind, generous and noble disposition.  All who knew her loved her.
Mary Covillaud is an under-privileged school with many barriers and obstacles.  On the unfortunate aspect, the school has forty-five to sixty homeless children attending at any given time.  Over ninety percent of the students are eligible for free/reduced meal rates.  The transient rate is 65%.  Many of the dwellings in West Marysville were constructed 100 years ago and are now in need of repair.  Within walking distance of the school is a homeless shelters, six motels which lodge Section 8 applicants waiting to acquire housing, and a river front area where homeless families dwell.
On the affluent side, Mary Covillaud has many plentiful aspects.  Mary Covillaud has grown in attendance from 347 in 1997 to 518 at present.  There is a waiting list for students desiring to attend Mary Covillaud School.  Another opulent aspect is the amount of community involvement and support at the school.  Over 250 businesses, service organizations, social agencies, schools and churches are committed to helping children at the school.  Parents are becoming the key to their child's education and Mary Covillaud supports this endeavor with Parent Nights, Parent Workshops, Parent Conferences, and an open-door policy in welcoming parents to join in our quest for excellence.
Thirteen years ago, Mary Covillaud Elementary was labeled an improvement school.  We recognized we were an improvement school with a desire to change.  Many obstacles were in our way as the 'poor school', but we have accepted and challenged those obstacles, which we have overcome.  Mary Covillaud is no longer considered an improvement school, but now is being recognized for its achievements.  The past six school years, 1999-2010, the Academic Performance Index has risen 321 points.  We continue to seek out the best teachers, evaluate and examine what we have, use all of our resources wisely, and continue to love and nurture children. 
With Mary's character traits, Mary Covillaud Elementary is striving to accomplish what few have attained; a school that is not only a model for other schools, but a refuge of learning and caring for children.